Ace Vapstarov gives an interview for the Bulgarian network Nova TV, on the Sunday morning show "Subudi se."

Ace talks here about his work composing music for "The Stooge"

and other Hollywood films. Watch!

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RADIO CARVE interview (in Spanish) with:

 "The Stooge" singer Verónica Zaiter

Radio interview to The Stooge singer Veronica Zaiter
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"Rock & Roll Express", a weekly radio show in Spanish, hosted by Juan Colino & Jorge Pirez

Listen to "The Stooge" main theme:

"I don't Care," performed by

Ariel Iglesias & Verónica Zaiter & Minimall

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“It strikes me as an extraordinary accomplishment.


In many ways it looks as good as The Prestige, but was made on a budget literally .05% of that film, for all its famous stars and legendary director. Fojo has achieved as much, working with less. 


The Stooge is offbeat, intriguing, thoroughly cinematic, sometimes funny, it has beautiful photography and music … and real magic. The opening credits show the workings of a sleight — a few moments later you see the sleight again, and you still can’t see how it’s done. Pure magic.

“The Stooge”, the original story, is included in my new collection, Episodes, due from Gollancz on 11th July 2019.



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