• Rogelio Fojo

I just had the opportunity to enjoy last night a 2nd. private screening of Paul J. Salamoff new movie "Encounter" (starring Luke Hemsworth), which was a star-studded event at LA Film School.

My "One Million Times" TV series co-screenwriter Richard Doyle and I met with actor Luke Hemsworth ("Westworld"), director Paul J. Salamoff and our celebrated music composer Penka Kouneva ("Pandora"), who created the score of both films, "The Stooge" and "Encounter."

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  • Rogelio Fojo

It was a rare opportunity to learn and appreciate the flavor of this upcoming international event: the 2019 Oaxaca FilmFest (where both my film "The Stooge" and my TV series "One Million Times" will be participating next month) introduced itself to the world today via online streaming.

The Oaxaca International Film Festival broadcast gave our diverse team from the USA, Uruguay, Colombia, Chile, México and the United Kingdom (plus friends and families) a chance to share in the fun!

Thought their press conference we learned that our film will not only be screened to an enthusiastic local audience of film lovers, but we filmmakers will have also an incredible opportunity to pitch our next projects to film and TV companies eager to help.

The Oaxaca FilmFest will run from October 4 to 10. I can't wait!

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  • Rogelio Fojo

Here with Paul J. Samaloff, the director of the new science fiction movie "Encounter" (Luke Hemsworth, Anna Hutchinson, etc) and his gorgeous and eye-catching poster. This is what his movie is about:

"Having lost everything in a car crash, including his daughter, a wheelchair-bound artist’s life is once again turned upside down when his friends discover an otherworldly object crashed in a rural field. But does this strange alien life form have nefarious intentions or could it be the key to getting back what he once lost?"

Written & directed by Paul J. Salamoff, music composed by Penka Kouneva. Starring Luke Hemsworth (Westworld) Anna Hutchison (The Cabin in the Woods), Cheryl Texiera (Hoax), Glenn Keogh (Sons of Anarchy), Christopher Showerman (Supergirl), Peter Holden (The Social Network), Vincent M. Ward (The Walking Dead).

Paul and I were both blessed with working in our films with the same talented music composer, Penka Kouneva.

Paul is way up there already, with a career totally developed inside the industry. But as I learned first hand, he's still humble enough to give support to filmmakers like me, new to all this glamour (but having fun and loving it!)

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