Updated: Jun 25

We say "Blimey!" and "Paris, je t'aime!" ...as our film simultaneously moves up to the finals of the London Indie Film Festival & the Paris International Short Festival !!

Congratulations to our cast & crew for playing around the world and earning 15 awards!

  • Rogelio Fojo

Updated: Jun 10

We've just received a couple of nice Awards Certificates from those film festivals where "The Stooge" came up a winner!

And our DP Keith Jefferies reacted with a full rainbow of joy of his own!

  • Rogelio Fojo

"The Stooge" wins BEST PICTURE SHORT & BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY - Special Mention - at The 11th edition of the Accord Cine Fest in India!

First, congratulations to our Fab Trio of producers: MIGUEL DELGADILLO, PEPE CASILLAS & ELIAS ONTIVEROS for their trust in this project and determination to have it made!

Last but not least, to our special Cinematographer, British export KEITH JEFFERIES and his lighting team!